At Camba Cafe we serve organic, healthy, fresh, delicious  desserts, grilled cheese and savory pastries that are vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free and/or sugar-free. We use 100% organic & local ingredients whenever possible. Our produce are seasonal, fresh & organic. Our coffee, tea and cold pressed juices are organic and fair-trade. And everything is made from scratch in our kitchen!

Camba grew out of a desire to increase awareness about our environment, sustainable practices and healthy living. Organic food is grown using fertilizers & pesticides from natural sources which do not damage our health and the environment. Organic farming through sustainable agriculture ensures that the natural environment & resources are not destroyed, thus leaving a beautiful, healthy world to future generations. Sustainability provides respect and fair treatment to farmers, animals & consumers alike. And lastly, organic food is not only healthier, it tastes better!