Why Cleanse

Cleansing essentially RESETS the body by giving it and your digestive system a rest! During the Cleanse you will be resting your whole body, as you will not be using energy for digestion and processing of food. All the animal fats, processed foods, sugars, caffeine, nicotine and alcohol one ingests, floods the body with toxins which stay in ones body and digestive system for a long time. The easiest and the fastest way to rid the body of these toxins is to give the body a rest from eating. During the juice cleanse your body will absorb the nutrients, vitamins, minerals and enzymes it needs from the juices of fresh, organic, raw vegetables and fruits which will detoxify and rejuvenate your body at a cellular level, and help you achieve sustainable weight loss naturally.

When looking for a juice cleanse it is vital to understand the importance of an ORGANIC juice cleanse, as juices pressed with conventional fruits and vegetables contain carcinogenic pesticides that could potentially harm your body with poisonous toxins.

Camba Juicery cleanses stand apart as one of the only organic juice cleanse options around.

Camba Cleanses

Our detox juices are organic, cold pressed and raw, never heated or pasteurized. They are free of plant fibres and fruit pulp to give your digestive system a rest. Each juice includes 1-2kg of veggies and fruits and is full of vitamins, enzymes, antioxidants and phytonutrients.

Each Camba cold pressed, organic, raw juice feeds your body on a cellular level, encouraging a full body reset with every drink.

How to prepare for your Cleanse

Due to its detoxifying, the Cleanse may have side effects such headaches and nausea. The best way to prepare yourself for a cleanse is to eliminate processed foods, animal protein, sugar, alcohol, nicotine and caffeine from your diet a few days beforehand. This will ensure you have minimal side effects and a good transition into your Cleanse

During the Cleanse

A juice cleanse day usually starts with a glass of lemon water followed by specially prepared vegetable juices. The juices are consumed at regular intervals during the course of the day. The last juice should preferably be consumed no later than 7pm to give the body a 12-14 hour rest during the night. During a cleanse you should drink plenty of water.

How to order

To order your cleanse please call or whatsapp us at 0(530) 182-1630 or email us at info@cambaorganik.com.

Order your juice set by 1pm for pick-up the next day at Camba Juicery. If you prefer delivery, please send us your address for us to calculate the delivery fee (around emirgan-istinye-tarabya please add 10TL).

Please make the payment for your cleanse before delivery. 

BEGINNERS PACKAGE - 2 Juices a day 55tl

  • Beginners Package ’2 juices a day'
  • If you have never cleansed, this package is for you to try different juices and find out what you prefer. We recommend that while eating normal meals, you reduce toxins such as sugar, caffeine, alcohol and nicotine, and replace them with juice. You could choose this package as a trial or continue to substitute your liquid intake with juice and water for a period of time. You will notice a positive change in your energy level when you drink these nutritious juices for a minimum of 7 days. 

    Recommended Schedule;

    - First thing in the morning a glass of water and then 1 juice.

    - Between lunch and dinner as a snack.

    * Due to the expiration date, we can only send a maximum of 3 packages (3 days) in one order.

    TRANSITION PACKAGE- 3 days 162tl

  • "Transition Package" with your choice of 2 juices a day for 3 day for a total of 6 juices
  • This package will prepare you for a full detox. Its recommended that as you drink your juice, herbal tea and water during the day, avoid eating flour, dairy & dairy products, sugar and salt. Stay away from packaged goods and eat 2 vegetarian meals and a lot of raw vegetables. This will be a good way to get ready for a cleanse.  

    You can eat some nuts such as raw almonds, walnuts and hazelnuts and some fruit in between meals. After the 'Beginners Package' and two consecutive 'Transition Packages' you will see a noticeable change and shine to your skin. 

    Recommended Schedule;

    - A glass of water, lemon water and then 1 Juice in the morning.

    - 1 Juice between lunch and dinner.

    *Transition Package, will help to prepare your body before the 'Detox Package' and will help you get back to your daily routine after your cleanse.  Even if you don't get the 'Detox Package', the 'Transition Package' is a good way to give your body a rest and you can get it for as many days as you wish. 

    * Due to the expiration date, we can only send a maximum of 1 package (3 days) in one order.

    DETOX PACKAGE / 3 days 325tl or 7 days 760tl

  • The 'Detox Package" includes your choice of 2 Juices and 2 Salads per day. Prepared for 3 or 7 days.
  • You can do the 'Detox Package' for 3 or 7 days. If you choose a 3 day 'Transition Package' before and after, it will be easier for your body to adjust to the cleanse. For lunch and dinner you will have a meal.  For breakfast and snack times you will have a Juice. All the meals will be organic salads which will include greens, seasonal vegetables, beans, sprouts and raw nuts.  All will be certified organic. All the liquid meals will be certified organic Juices. Everything will be prepared the day of the order with fresh, seasonal vegetables. During this cleanse it's recommended that you drink a lot of water and herbal teas.  If needed you can have a some raw nuts and fruits in between meals, but if you are watching your weight it is not recommended to have a lot.   Its recommended that you do some sports or walking during these 10 days during which you will see a positive change in your body. At the same time staying away from stress will increase the effects of the cleanse.   

    A detox is a means for the body to cleanse itself of poisins and toxins while still getting enough nutrition. Since the organic certified juices and salads we prepare are high in nutritious content, you can do this cleanse without a loss of energy**. At the end of the detox your bodies will be cleansed and alkaline and your cells will be rejuvenated with high amounts of oxygen. This will help one get rid of any unwanted addictions. With this Cleanse you will enjoy having energy all day, your hair and skin will shiny and you will be more focused.

    Recommended Schedule;

    - A glass of water, lemon water and then 1 Juice in the morning.

    - 1 Salad at noon.

    - 1 Juice in between meals.

    - 1 Salad at night.

    * Due to the expiration date, we can only send a 2 or 3 day  plan in one order.

    ** If you have any health issues please consult your doctor before doing this package.


    TREE HUGGER • With cucumber, spinach or chard, sprouts, lemon and spirulina. Recommended to help with bloating when you wake up. Full of protein.  If this is your choice for the morning Juice in your Beginners Package, it will help digest and pass everything left over from the evening.

    ALMOND MILK 250ml 16tl

    You can order an Almond Milk to add to your package, to drink during the day when hungry.  Our almond milk is certified organic and is homemade here at Camba.

    Certified Organic Ingredients

  • All ingredients are certified organic.
  • Camba Organik only uses  certified organic vegetables and fruits in their juices and salads. The certified organic cold pressed Juices are the first organic certified juices in Turkey.   Since a cleanse means detoxifying the body of toxins and chemicals, its preferable to eat and drink organic "clean" vegetables, hence, you can safely consume our juices and salads that are free of pesticides, preservatives and dangerous chemicals.

    Camba Organik's Juice Menu and Detox Packages have been prepared by our Holistic Health Consultant Ceyda Tavukçular.  Ceyda Tavukçular is a Hippocrates Health Counselor and does personal and corporate consultancy on juicing and detoxing  which is her expertise.